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Lake Katharine Nature Preserve, Jackson County

If you are looking for your next #OhioStateParks adventure, look no further! Lake Katharine Nature Preserve sits on 2,019 acres of pure peace and beauty, right in Jackson County.

It is a Clearwater lake that does not allow the use of motor boats and one must have a written permit to boat on the lake. If you are lucky enough to get a permit, be prepared to go down many steps to get your boat in the water. The western portion of the preserve is blocked off to the public to be used for scientific research.  This land was actually generously donated to the state of Ohio to be used as a nature preserve by business partners James. J. Mckitterick and Edwin A. Jones. The preserve offers a total of 6 miles of trails divided into 3 different trails for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy.

If you are lucky enough to visit during springtime, you wont miss these beautiful Bluebells, they are truly magical!

This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for peace and serenity while embracing the beautiful woods of Appalachia. Be sure to leave your dogs at home however, they are not permitted on the preserve. (Sorry Spike!)This has always been one of my absolute favorite spots, so I found it fitting to feature this great #OhioStatePark as my first blog post.

Not only do I adore this place for the beautiful scenery, but it has always been a special spot for my family. So I am told, my late grandmother and her brother spent a great deal of free time here in their high school days. (I mean, can you blame them?) My mother would bring me here and tell me stories of them and I can tell you one thing, they had themselves a darn good time. My mom herself has spent a great deal of time exploring around too. With as much trail this preserve offers, it’s easy to come multiple times and be able to discover different things each time. I have now even been able to bring my son with me to enjoy the trails and explore, and it is safe to say he loves going as much as I do!

I’ve always found myself completely drawn to this place and a few years back, I would often come here just to have some peace and quiet when I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed. It sounds cheesy, but every time I would always leave feeling recharged and rested. I guess you could say I found my #HappyPlace. Below I will include a link to the ODNR website if you wish to inquire more information about the preserve. If you haven’t put this place on your list of places to visit be sure to do it now! I promise you won’t be sorry.  If you decide to check out Lake Katharine, I’d love to see your experiences! Please be sure to tag my Instagram @southernohioadventures and use #southernohioadventures to share your #story.

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